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(Supervisor Sheila Kuehl Website)

We’ve got a Warning Order for those in the Los Angeles area from our LA Stack Lead, Kat Quinn.

In the last two years, homelessness in the greater Los Angeles has grown by 12% in general (LA Times), and was already one of the largest homeless veteran communities in the United States. Just recently the City of Los Angeles declared a state of emergency on homelessness with as high as 20% of the homeless in Los Angeles being veterans (Los Angeles Almanac).

With the specific intention of making the Los Angeles team rooted in the Veterans issues of our community, I jumped at the opportunity to have the Los Angeles Stack participate in LAHSA’s yearly Homeless Count.

(Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, Facebook)

The Los Angeles Homeless Count is a yearly event where volunteers come together to physically count the amount of homeless throughout Los Angeles County. Doing this allows local, state and federal government agencies to asses the need in the greater Los Angeles area and to allocate resources to combat the issue of homelessness. I heard of the event through my work with the City and realized its tangible relevance to our community.

I signed up to be a counter along with a few of our other Stack-up members for the Koreatown area on Thursday night, January 28th, which is a neighborhood in central Los Angeles near Hollywood. We also have other Stack members, who cannot attend this particular date or time, who have volunteered in other ways or for other dates to help out this event. (Editors Note: If you need any information about these other opportunities, feel free to email

(Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, Twitter)

Stack-up Los Angeles consists of a dedicated community of gamers and nerds who care about veterans and active duty personnel. What makes us Stack-up Los Angeles is how we interpret and put into action that passion. We believe everybody counts.

What: Los Angeles Homeless Count Where: Oasis Christian Center | 634 S. Normandie Ave. | Los Angeles, CA 90005 When: 7:00 PM | Thursday, January 28th, 2016

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