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Weekly Bored Room Meeting – 8/9/2017

The weekly Bored Room meeting for the week of August 8th, 2019!

Meeting Notes!


  1. 90 days to Call to Arms Veterans Day

  2. PAX, TwitchCon coming up/planning on going!

  3. May have some new actual board members joining the team shortly.

  4. Compliance audit nearly complete.

  5. Humble Bundle complete, thank you, everyone!

  6. Destiny t-shirt still live, if you’re into that kind of thing 😛


  1. 90 Days Calls to Arms! Shoutout to all the members of the SUDO community who have been assisting with outreach.

  2. Twitch Team has been rocking and rolling. Huge thank you to those guys.

  3. The Unit will be doing a 100-hour stream on Follow these guys and show them some love and support!

  4. Also is doing Quest for Cause which will be raising money for us to compete for at TwitchCon in the Tiltify Charity Decathlon.

  5. Twitch will also add to the fundraising pool by enabling Cheering with Bits on the PAX West main stage stream from September 1–4. For every 100 Bits Cheered during PAX West on, Twitch will donate $1 toward the TwitchCon Charity Decathlon Pool.


  1. New Content


  3. Post your Highlights on Discord – Wear Your Red Shirt/Use a SUDO logo

  4. Redshirt Report – First episode after the meeting!

  5. Writers Need More

  6. Thanks, Nightmare Actual for the article on Tarkov

  7. Write about what you like

  8. Write about your experiences

  9. How has gaming/stack up made a difference for you


  1. Stack Events this week:

  2. Queens will be at Cunningham Park again this week, on the 10th and 14th for Shakespeare in the Park and Movies Under the Stars. In addition, they will be attending an Angry Birds exhibit at the NY Hall of Science.

  3. Orlando will have a booth at OrlandoiX from 8/17-8/20 at Full Sail University.

  4. Administrative:

  5. TY to all who have helped with posting reviews about us on Great Nonprofits, we have received our Top Rated charity badge for 2017! You can still help us move up the leaderboard to get into the top 20. We need everyone to go to the site and share their experiences they have had with us so that we can get in the running for a grant worth up to $20,000 in online advertising.

  6. Scouts shirts are on the way!

  7. Stacks other:

  8. Welcome to our newest stack leader from Tampa iamantk.

  9. Hate to sound like a broken record…but…Stack leads please remember to check your SUDO emails on a regular basis.

  10. Supplies have been going out in waves, SO many to ship out! If you have been active or are new, be on the lookout for a package from me! If you haven’t been active then we need to have a chat! Remember that if you need anything at any time that you can reach out here on Discord or send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.

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