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Weekly Bored Room Meeting 8/16/2017

The weekly Bored Room meeting for the week of August 16th, 2017!


  1. Big thanks to Aggressive Jedi for securing TheUnit and its stream event for Stack-Up

  2. There are a dozen different things we are working on for veterans day, but until I get something actually locked in, I don’t want to get people excited about anything by talking about it here.

  3. One thing we have locked in: Global Game Jam’s “One Gamer Fund” (Extra Life, Able Gamers, Child’s Play, IGDA)

  4. Red Shirt Rumble


  1. Huge thanks to Q4TC they raised over 90k for the Tiltify Charity Decathalon at TwitchCon / Hanging out in the Unit’s stream was amazing!

  2. Reminded to connect me with Streamers that you know.

  3. Twitch Stream is going wonderfully thank you to all, if anyone knows of anyone that would like to get involved with this as well please direct them my way

  4. Excited to be Stacking-Up at Orlando IX


  1. Content Creators – Contact Me

  2. Contest Vets Only – Show Off Streaming Kit

  3. Twitch Clips – Anyone can make them! Help the streamers out!


  1. PAX West prep

  2. Game Roster reminder Dauntless on Friday (Codes forthcoming) “Something Special” in game Looking for a good push with this game

  3. LawBreakers tonight


  1. Our Memphis Stack leader, KrazyKowboy, has been busy working on a project with FedEx. They have invited us out to Memphis for an event on Nov 10th, with Col. Greg Gadson (Google him) at the FedEx World HQ to present us with a check for $1500.

  2. Working on day before meet ups for TwitchCon, PAX West and PAX South.

  3. PAX West is all but done, just getting a few last minute details in place then will create an event on social so people will know where to go and what time to be there. More on that soon

  4. There will be a Stack leadership meeting on the 26th of August to discuss plans for C2A in November. Calendar invites will go out by the end of the week so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox!

  5. Our store item selection will be changing soon. I’ve been busy looking for new items to add such as lanyards, hats, patches, pins, stickers (good ones), more better shirts and a special “Con Kit”, with items like a red shirt, pen, note pad, badge holder, lanyard and hand sanitizer (because who wants con pox) all tucked neatly in a cinch bag and branded with our logo. Hoping to get all that finalized and ready to go by Veterans Day. Banners have finally been completed and they are being printed as we speak! Orlando will be the first to get one since they need it for the event they are having this weekend. Other active Stacks will receive theirs within a week to 10 days.

  6. I am still working on getting everyone their new Info. Cards. As I said last week items are going out in waves according to your level of activity. If you have not been active in the last 90 days you will be last to receive them.

  7. No new Stacks this week, but we did get a few new members. Seems like FL has been very busy! Nice work to Orlando and Tampa on bringing in some new members, both veteran and civilian!

  8. Events this week, one in Queens at Cunningham Park on the 17th. The second in Orlando, at OrlandoiX on campus at Full Sail University.

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