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Weekly Bored Room Meeting – 10/11/2017

The weekly Bored Room meeting for the week of October 11th, 2017!


  1. Call to Arms

  2. Veterans Appreciation Week at Twitch

  3. Long Beach Monday for Office Move

  4. Nightmare Actual

  5. Friday the 13th, please let us know if you can take part, would like to get the Redshirts together for a night of murdering each other

  6. Immortal Conquest


  1. Call to Arms 30 days out (sign up link )

  2. Shanghai Scouts

  3. Friday the 13th


  1. New Content Creators – Sign Up

  2. Steve Loves Cuphead

  3. Home for the Holidays


  1. Veteran Channel (purpose/implementation/location)

  2. Immortal Conquest (Global 024/Ireland)

  3. Hundred Heroes Campaign

  4. TwitchCon prep

  5. Game night tonight


  1. Events this week:

  2. Saturday 10/14:

  3. Queens Stack: Fort Hamilton Comic Con at Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn.

  4. 31 days until CALL TO ARMS!!! Stack leaders and members we need to know the following! Do you intend to stream? Are you available to monitor the C2A Discord & stream hop? Will you be volunteering with a local veterans group over the weekend? If not, then what are your fundraising plans? Here is the sign-up sheet to let us know what you will be doing: DM me if you need help with this!

  5. Stacking up for Daniel and Puerto Rico The GoFundMe page is live and accepting donations for our Stack leader and his family in PR. Elvis, SgtWobble and ShadowShifter will be hosting a charity stream. If you can , please stop by and show your support. We also have an Amazon wish list that has some items on it that Daniel specifically asked for I want to personally thank Elvis, SgtWobble and Shadow shifter for helping me make this possible for him. Stream is Saturday, the 14th from 3PM – 3AM.

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