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virtue gaming call to arms twitch schedule

We are excited to share Virtue Gaming’s schedule for their May 7th Twitch Stream Marathon for Call To Arms!

They will be starting at 8am EST on Saturday May 7th and continuing on throughout the day and night till 1am EST on the 8th! Make sure to note down the schedule below and stop by their twitch channel at: https://www.twitch.tv/virtue_esports to cheer these folks on!

Here is a bit more about Virtue Gaming in their own words…

“In the last year, Virtue has become one of the fastest growing North American organizations on the market with teams traveling the country to compete on Call of Duty and Smash.

Virtue was one of twenty-four organizations worldwide selected to compete in the first season of the Female Pro League, ending Season 1 with an amazing 3rd place!

Virtue was founded with the intention of revolutionizing the eSports community, and we are on track to complete those goals in record time with six T10 performances and counting within the past few months! All of Virtue’s members, players, and staff are very passionate about helping the community and organizations such as Stack-Up.org. The Virtue family is truly ecstatic to help with this weekend’s Call To Arms!”

Thanks, Virtue Gaming, way to Stack Up for Call to Arms, a weekend of gaming fun helping to raise donations for Stack-Up to conduct its awesome mission of supporting veterans with gaming! You can find more information by clicking the image below. Sign up for yourself or your team to Stack Up and game for the troops!

Sound the Call and we will see you May 7th!

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