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The Stacks – Stacking Up in Florida!

The Stacks – Stacking Up in Florida!

by: Ruby Kuzma

The Stacks

This first photo is of our booth lit up about 9 pm. By this point, we had been there a while and had met a number of very wonderful people. I wanted this to be the first photo as it is the best shot of the booth. The choice to put the banner in the front was to have it seen as we had been placed at the very end of the street. But it seemed to be a good choice as I moved my chair to the front so I could stay in view and easily answer questions.

This was just after we first set up. I had one other person with me and they were a big help in getting set up, as was the boy scout troop seen in the green easy up. They were very kind and all of the nonprofits around us were wonderful. We all had a time talking and explaining our mission statements. It really was wonderful to see so many trying to do good.

This is a shot of the crowd passing by. It was about this time we had a man from a local charity come by and talk we me for a while. They have a project to house homeless vets and wanted to link up with us. I was happy to give my information to set up a meeting and he was very excited to see how we could help one another. We had a lot of great interactions and got a lot of people interested. I look forward to having a lot more chances to meet so many wonderful people.

I have a lot of information and people I will be reaching out to and expect to hear from. I will make sure to keep you all up to date.

If you are in Florida and would like to get involved with this chapter of The Stacks and participate in more events like this please check out their information HERE. Not in that part of the country, not to worry! You can find a chapter of The Stacks closest to you HERE and Stack Up with us today!

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