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The Stacks – Schaumburg Stacks Up with Twitch Community

The Schaumburg Chapter of The Stacks Meets Up with Twitch!

By: Justin McDermott

The Stacks

Another year down with the Chicago Twitch Crew and once again no disappointment despite the weather trying to cancel the event. This year the venue was upsized to accommodate more people and as you can tell from the photos looks like they need to start thinking about a convention center at this rate.

I wanted to give a shout out to our booth partners at Second Life who helped us out by encouraging folks to check us out after they stopped by their booth. That was super awesome of them and incredibly classy!

Most of the night we got to meet a ton of streamers and future Twitch partners who clearly loved our message wanted to learn more. In between our Stack took part in the MSI gaming trivia challenge and won a few prizes.

The Chicago Twitch Meetup Crew is a huge supporter, and I am glad to see they do an excellent job of reaching out to organizations such as ours. For those interested please head to to get info on the next meet up and hope to see you there!

If you want to find out more about the Schaumburg Chapter of The Stacks check them out HERE! Not in the area? Check out our other Stack locations and learn how you can Stack-Up HERE!

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