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The Stacks – Schaumburg Stacks Up with Twitch!

At the end of March, our Schaumburg chapter of The Stacks had an amazing night out at the Chicago Twitch Community Meet-Up! Read on as Stack Leader, Justin McDermott tells us all about the adventures of the evening.

The Stacks

It started out as any big city adventure does, in a parking lot the size of a backyard swimming pool. Frankly, I was ready to get out of my car after sitting in traffic for the 2+ hour drive into downtown Chicago, but boy was I rewarded. I turned the corner and there it was, Headquarters Beercade. I checked in with the bouncer as it was a 21+ event, and headed up to the waiting area filled with Arcade games from the 90’s. I shoulder surfed a few folks watching and mentally critical of their skill as I had grown up on those games. After 15 minutes or so we headed down into the basement for the Twitch Chicago Meetup. Having no idea what to expect, I can tell you my fear was misplaced. IT WAS AMAZING!

The Stacks

I spent the next 4 hours talking to people and repping Stack-Up and handing out game codes. I can’t tell you how many folks were both interested in what we were doing and offered to help us out. I was blown away and not just by the constant music pumping into the basement at 1000 watts a second but just the straight dedication these streamers had for their craft, their brand and most importantly to good causes such as ours. As the night went out, I found a ledge to park myself with a crisp cider and talked with Dan my wingman for the night, reminiscing about our deployments and Stack-Up events. It was a good chance to catch our second wind before the final raffle portion of the night.

Overall excellent and amazing night. If you are in the Chicagoland area or heck event near Illinois, the Chicago Twitch Meetup is THE event to come and meet many new people. I even saw some local fans of streamers show up and rub shoulders with all their favorite online stars. Networking abounds for sure, but aside from business, fun was the order of the night. Where better to do it than an old brick city building, converted into a 90’s arcade mixed with great food and drinks? Be on the lookout for the next Chicago Twitch Meetup and the Chicago Stack-Up adventures!


Thanks Justin, for the awesome write-up! Looks like a good time was had by all! If you are in the Schaumburg/Chicago area and want to get involved check out their Stack located HERE! Not in the area, not a problem! We have Stacks all over the country and beyond! Check out how you can get involved with The Stacks HERE!

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