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This past Veterans Day we did a lot of outreach spreading the word of Stack-Up.Org and our mission. With that in mind, we want to take a moment and check in with the San Antonio Stack. If you don’t know what the Stacks are, they are a core part of the Stack-Up team; they are a living breathing extension of the passionate people behind

The San Antonio stack exemplifies that spirit, and while many of us were participating in online events related to #CallToArms, they took the opportunity to get out in their community to spread the word of Stack-Up and how we help Veterans through our programs. Benjamin Cloutier, co Stack Lead took the time to write up an overview of the event. Check it out below!


On November 10th, the San Antonio Stack was invited to join the University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) Veterans Celebration Fair. At the fair were numerous veteran organizations that assist vets in all parts of life. Stack-Up was able to set up a booth and spread the word that Stack-Up was in town and here to help local veterans in their communities. The fair was purely informational, and Stack-Up San Antonio was able to network with other groups and other passionate individuals of the San Antonio community.


During the event, individuals walked around the booths and were able to talk with all supporters that ranged from ROTC to disability assistance. The Stack-Up booth was visited by nearly every person that attended the fair, and Stack-Up San Antonio was able to express their passion for the veteran community of San Antonio to everyone that walked by the booth. The San Antonio Stack was able to garner much interest in the charity organization, and many promising connections were made with not only individual UTSA students but other military organizations as well. The Stack is already starting to strengthen the rapport between these other organizations, and the San Antonio community can look forward to future events that will further improve the city and the lives of military families.


The San Antonio Stack will be attending more events with UTSA in the future, as there will be a volunteer fair in the next couple of months. Through the individuals San Antonio Stack met at the event, we hope that we spread the passion for veterans and video games throughout the community of San Antonio. It was an honor to be apart of the event and be side by side with other causes that have done such incredible things for our nation’s veterans and active duty service members.


Great work out there in the Lone Star state! It looks like it was a fantastic afternoon of meeting great people and sharing different ways to help our veterans!

If you wish to know more about the Stacks and how you can Stack Up in your town, hit the link HERE! If you are in the San Antonio region and wish to participate in events like this and more contact them HERE.

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