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The Stacks – Queens Cleans Up the Ring!

On Easter weekend, the Queens Chapter of The Stacks headed to Newark to work with our partners at The Mission Continues — Newark for a service mission. The job for the day was to work on cleaning up and setting up the Ironbound Boxing Academy, which serves the local community.

The Academy is built under the old Ironbound Stadium which, while closed since 1987, is being prepared for its own restoration. There was a lot of garbage piled in rooms underneath the stadium, which had to be bagged up and taken out, and new mats, racks and plexiglass panes needed to be installed.

The Stacks

With several dozen volunteers, the work went faster than expected, and everyone made a lot of progress. The event was attended by members of Senator Corey Booker’s office and reported on by two local news stations. One of the reports can be read HERE!

There’s talk of a follow-up event at the end of the summer, and the Queens Stack is looking forward to that as well.

If you are in the New York City area and would like to get involved with the Queens chapter of The Stacks, check out their page HERE. Not in the area? We have Stacks all over! Take a look at this link HERE to find The Stacks nearest to you and help us Stack Up for the troops in your town!

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