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the stacks houstons first meet up recap


February 20, 2016 was the first official meetup for the Houston area Stack-Up crew. Live Event Liaison, Andy Toppin coordinated the meetup at Main Event in Webster.

The larger than expected group launched a mass attack on the mini golf course where they battled neon aliens and unknown space terrors.


Luckily, they all came out on the other side and refueled on some delicious pub grub. They discussed the mission of the organization and began brainstorming future meetups. Discussions continued over friendly pool games and the seasoned players took the littlest under their wings to teach them the craft.

It was an incredibly fun filled, productive night! Everyone left feeling energized in the spirit of the organization and excited to contribute to the mission of Stack-Up! Andy is already working on some big and exciting events; we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Houston crew!


If you are interested in becoming involved, you can find more information on The Stacks or the Houston Stack specifically on our website.

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