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The Stacks – Central Ohio Stacks Up for the First Time!

Central Ohio Chapter of the Stacks – Event at Warped Wing BY: Chad Christian

The Stacks

The Central Ohio chapter of The Stacks held its first official event at Warped Wing Brewery in Dayton, OH on Saturday, September 22nd. Those who played a round of Mario Kart and listened to a brief intro to Stack Up were entered into a drawing to win an NES Classic, a gift basket provided by Warped Wing, and a gift basket provided by a local salon!

The whole family was welcome! We had many opportunities to inform both parents and kids on who Stack Up is and how gaming and community can truly help those who have served and are still currently in the line of duty. Our main goal with this first event was to show that there is a local community here for those that served who can relate best by sharing a beer over some games.

The giveaway was one of our favorite parts of the event! We had a blast drawing the names and being able to hand out the prizes. Most importantly, we had many people join the Stack who are interested in staying involved and being a part of future operations. Big thanks to Warped Wing for providing the gifts and facilities to hold the event; we look forward to future events and thank all who came out to #stacktfup!!!

If you are in Central Ohio and would like to get involved with this chapter of The Stacks and participate in more events like this please check out their information HERE. Not in that part of the country, not to worry! You can find a chapter of The Stacks closest to you HERE and Stack Up with us today!

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