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the stacks boston stacks checks out the htc vive

With the holidays over and done with, the Boston Stacks wanted to take a look at one of the most popular new gaming topics: Virtual Reality (VR). The Oculus Rift dropped into the semi-affordable price range last year, and Sony’s VR system has gotten plenty of attention since Christmas.

In this spirit, the Boston Stacks will be holding a little competition on Sunday, February 12th with our friends in the Natick Mall’s Microsoft Store. The store’s HTC Vive has two addicting games where the player’s reflexes and spatial awareness are put to the test like never before.

The Stacks

Pick up your laser pistols in Space Pirate Simulator! Defend your ship against wave after wave of UFO space craft. Dodge and block enemy attacks as you shoot them down one by one; you’ll have to be quick and resourceful if you’re going to survive!

In The Lab Longbow, a horde of angry stick figures have started assaulting your castle! Use your archery skills to set off traps, regenerate the health of your castle’s door, and defeat the invaders!

Contestants will have three chances per game to earn their best score and can enter to win prizes in either or both games. Each game will have prizes for the top three scores, which will be given out at the end of the event: 4:00 pm. A valid email address must be registered prior to competing since absent winners will be notified through this contact info. Be sure to check your inbox if you leave the mall!

Due to Microsoft’s policy, competitors must be 18 years or older to participate freely. However, anyone aged 13-17 can join with consent and presence of a parent or guardian. The HTC Vive (as with other VR systems) can be very disorienting and may cause imbalance and nausea. Please keep this in mind before playing.

As always, we’ll be providing food, pamphlets, and swag for all competitors, regardless of score. Noob or Pro, you’re all supporting the troops!

This event is much less time-restrictive than the other gatherings we’ve had: our goal is to spread the word to passersby but to also accommodate our members here on Meetup. We know you’ve got plenty of other places to be, so to help make this group a little more accessible, we’re dropping the meetup time. Come by anytime between noon and four; you’ll never be late. Hope to see you there!

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