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Supply Crate – Yancy

Marine Corps Veteran Yancy's wife requested a Supply Crate to help him stay occupied and connect with others.

The gaming would give my husband who suffers from extreme Ptsd , depression and anxiety something to do and to keep His mind occupied. He has autoimmune disease and he is very isolated

There is just so much to do in video games. Whether you're the type who loves a good multiplayer shooter or you just want to play a single-player adventure, gaming offers tons of ways to stay occupied. Gaming with friends online is one great way to connect. Fulfill quests, build up experience, or cozy it up in a farming simulator; there are just so many options in the worlds within video games.

We hope Yancy can benefit from that.

Thank you so very much for the Xbox game , I’m very excited! How do I  play games on the Xbox I didn’t see a game do I order a game so I can play . I have never had a Xbox before

We sent Yancy 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate with his Xbox Series X. Ian helped him out by letting him know how to set that up. Sometimes, we get folks who need a little help with setup once they receive their Supply Crate, and we have no problem making sure they get to enjoy their new console or PC.

Emery sponsored Yancy's Supply Crate and has been supporting Stack Up for a couple of years. She herself is a Veteran and understands the Stack Up mission. We're happy for her and her community's continued support. Check out her Twitch channel.

Fundraising for 2024 has started. We've already had a few people begin theirs to get a headstart on the leaderboard. Check out our DonorDrive page by hitting the button below.

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