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Supply Crate – Truong

Before we get into today's Supply Crate update, we want to thank you all for fundraising during the month of May for Mental Health Awareness and Military Appreciation Month. We'd also like to make you aware that Redshirt Summer 3.0 is starting. We'll be hosting game nights and days throughout the whole summer for the sake of bringing together our community for some fun. Just drop into the Stack Up Discord and regularly check our events to see when we're gaming. Ten randomly chosen participants will win a Stack Up Rex 8bit pin each month for joining game nights.

Today's Supply Crate update came from Truong a Marine Corps Veteran who has been dealing with physical and mental health struggles.

Hello, my name is Truong I served in the Marine Corps during 2012-2015. During my service I underwent 2 Achilles surgeries due to an injury sustained during a unit run. This put me out for almost a year and half. Because of this I missed on promotions and career growth. This impacted my life into a negative effect that it caused major depression. One of the biggest things that helped me during my episodes of depression was call of duty. I made many of friends during my time playing and that’s how I came across that call of duty community & Regimentgg. Sadly because of financial situations I had to sell off all of my gaming stuff. Trying to stay afloat while looking after my family. I need that little escape from reality again. Please I ask if you and your team can help me find that peace again.

One of the worst parts about getting a physical injury in the Military is that it can affect a servicemember's promotions and opportunities and cause delays and setbacks in their service. This can be really hard to deal with mentally. Gaming can offer a great outlet when physical and mental limitations make other stuff harder to enjoy. There are also games out there that are free to play that make gaming a decent hobby financially once you get past the initial hurdle of the cost of a console, which is where we can help!

Thank you StackUp Team & ReesieKups for the amazing support in regards to trying to find a better outlet for Mental Health & Depression.
Getting back into gaming is going to help out a lot with stress relief and finding that small escape from reality when needed.

Have fun and keep gaming on Truong.

As Truong mentioned in his response, Reesiekups sponsored his Supply Crate. Thanks to Reesiekups for fundraising with his community. Check him out on Twitch.

Summer is here! Fundraising goes all year long for Stack Up with concentrated efforts in May and November. Thinking about doing something for a Veteran charity for Veterans Day? Signing up now is a great way to begin preparing and coming up with ideas for a charity event. Hit the button below to donate or sign up to fundraise.

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