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Supply Crate – Tresa

Today's Supply Crate update came from a friend of Tresa, an Army Veteran who went through a pretty difficult time in service and had been struggling with the loneliness that can come when a parent's children grow up:

This 22 year Army veteran who served in Haiti in 1996 for an Humanitarian Mission ,served in Kuwait in 2002 in preparation for the Iraqi War, then immediately redeployed to serve in the Iraq war in March of 2003 is a deserving Veteran. As a female Veteran she faced many controversies and situations that were beyond just the battlefield or the mission at hand. While in Haiti she endured being attacked by the locals not once, but twice. The second attack resulted her Chain of Command return her home on a Navy ship for her protection, despite her wanting to continue with her platoon on the mission at the port. She continued her service and had a beautiful daughter September 4, 2001. Just days before the September 11th terrorist attacks. Nevertheless a few months later she deployed to Kuwait to the ports, being she worked in Transportation in the Army, and prepared receiving equipment in country in preparation for the soon to be start of a war. She returned from Kuwait Thanksgiving Eve 2002 and was reunited with her baby and oldest daughter. Then I saw trauma hit when in March 2003 she had to redeploy to Iraq and leave her small children yet again. Now, I know many families face deployments and have to leave their spouses and children behind, but In this case I feel it’s a little different. With the back to back deployments after giving birth, I feel she suffered from postpartum depression and not to mention the traumas she faced on the battlefield. She lost two close friends and saw several injured as they transported equipment from the ports of Kuwait to Iraq. When this fine Soldier returned I had a new friend. She was different, her family noticed it, but she couldn’t see it. Fast forward to today, she is disabled retired veteran. She suffers from PTSD, TBI, and amongst other things. I say all this to say, I feel she is deserving because her youngest daughter is now away at college. She is now an empty nester and the separation anxiety is so evident. She would be a great candidate for a console to have something to do to ease her mind during her free time.

Diving into other worlds is a great way to enjoy free time. Especially when video games have so many options for worlds to get into. We hope Tresa can enjoy some gaming in all her extra free time.

Good evening,
I was so excited to arrive home to my crate. I appreciate you all so much for what you do for veterans. Believe me this came at the perfect time because I need a distraction from a recent tragedy in my life.
Thank you,

We're glad we could support you, Tresa!

Stephupthegame sponsored Tresa's Supply Crate, raising more than $1k to support Stack Up. Thanks to her and her community, we got a PS5 into Tresa's hands. Check out Stephupthegame's Twitch channel.

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