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Supply Crate – Travis

We're closing in on the winter holiday season. As such, please remember that if you or anyone 18+ you know finds themself in a mental health crisis, our Overwatch Program is always on standby for anyone that needs to access it. Just drop into our Discord and ask to speak to the Overwatch Program.

Today's update is yet another tabletop Supply Crate. Tabletop gaming is about as expensive as video gaming. It can be especially difficult to get tabletop gaming supplies when overseas.

Hello, I am a SPC leading a group of soldiers in resiliency activities primarily warhammer 40k wargaming and Deathwatch TTRPG, we get about one day to gather from different sections and are open to drop in players to relax and enjoy some power fantasy killing aliens. I am also often working with our Chaplain's assistant and our group sessions are also social and support events. Furthermore there is about two other d&d groups that I would love to further assist l.

Thankfully, that's why Stack Up exists. We can get the supplies and ship them over at no cost to our Active Duty Military units.

Apologies for how long it took to get photos many of us have been on missions but we were able to collect a group of us together.
We have taken multiple photos feel free to use any you prefer.
Sadly the stack up sign was lost before photo was taken.

That's quite alright, Travis. There's a reason we take a picture of everything before shipping it out.

The magnificent BaldEagleTalon sponsored Travis and crew's, Supply Crate. If you've never seen this guy play, he is a ball of a time. He's also a member of our Stream Team. Check him out on his Twitch channel.

Last call! We're less than two weeks away from the end of the year. Hit the Phalanx Coin button below and start a last-minute fundraiser or donate if you're feeling generous this holiday season.

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