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Supply Crate – Timothy

Timothy requested a Supply Crate for his unit of enlisted personnel who all need something to do after a hard day's work in the Military.

We are part of a command team with all lower enlisted. They all get worked like dogs and when they do get down time they never have anything to do. They are in the signal section and love all kinds of gaming and I feel like that will give them a morale boost and get them the help they need to feel a lot better about being away from their families.

Well, we can say for sure gaming is a great distraction from our own experiences. We selected this Supply Crate because we remember those days of being lower enlisted and having to work hard all day only to be left twiddling thumbs after.

Here is the pics of everything we got it was so amazing. They were so happy to get the crate it was awesome and lifted there spirits up pretty good and they have been playing it alot when they have the free time. and when we have service because they love playing online. Thank you all for all you do to help us out.
Sorry I had one more picture with who sent it i forgot to attach and thank you for all your hard work again and bringing joy to all of my guys.

Thanks for reaching out to us, Timothy, so that we could send your unit a gaming console and some games to enjoy. That's always the first step!

DreamWarrior sponsored Timothy's Supply Crate. DreamWarrior has been a longtime mental health advocate and Stack Up supporter, and we are very thankful for him and his community's support. Check out DreamWarrior on Twitch.

Help us put out more Supply Crates! Or fundraise to support our peer-to-peer mental health crisis support line via Discord, the Overwatch Program. Hit the button below to get started.

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