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Supply Crate – Thomas

Here's another Supply Crate request coming your way! We'll keep today's short and sweet. This one came from Thomas, a Navy Veteran who served in Iraq.

I am a navy veteran that was in during Desert Storm and have done time in Iraq and I’m having hard time right know just with health issues. I am awaiting a heart and kidney transplant in Houston Texas thru Houston Methodist Hospital. So times right know are hard and getting down with health.

Maybe some games can help during those hospital visits? The Nintendo Switch is ridiculously portable and is just perfect for those days when you have done time because of waiting. Once Thomas received his crate, he replied:

Thank you for the Gaming system and games. These games will help me while in hospital awaiting heart transplant and to keep my mind off of thinking about it.

See? Perfect! Enjoy the games, Thomas.

OrigamiGuru sponsored this crate by participating in our Call to Arms. Thanks, OrigamiGuru!

You never saw this big red button, but if you did, we might recommend pushing it to learn more about Stack Up and all of our wonderful programs if you are not familiar already.

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