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Supply Crate – Thomas

We're closing in on the end of 2022, and what a year it has been. Phalanx House is up and running, and we've helped several Veterans in the Los Angeles area since its opening. We're currently just $30k away from our fundraising goal. More about that later.

Thomas is serving in the Navy aboard the USS Harry S. Truman. Thomas told us the following about why he wanted a Supply Crate:

Currently forward deployed on the USS Harry S Truman. We were schedule to go on a middle east deployment, but due to the current Geopolitical environment Russia and the Ukraine right now. But on a different note, Video Games are a very important part of life in my family. I have a special needs child with Down Syndrome at home who is 7. When I am home, we play video games and watch movies together to bond. Video games make him happy even when it is just watching daddy play. So when I play video games out to sea, sometimes it is not just about the escape from the everyday life of deployment. It sometimes just takes me back to the house with my son jumping for joy when he sees something really cool happen on the TV. Being out to sea makes it hard to get new games due to no internet connection available to download games or updates, let alone we can’t just walk down to Gamestop or anything to buy a new game. When I get home in the summer, I plan on going back to playing with my son as much as possible. Thank you for all you do Stack Up. Rock On!!!!

Ship deployments have our sailors out to sea for months at a time. Being on a hunk of metal on the ocean gets boring quick. One of the easiest ways to deal with that is through gaming.

So we packed up a Supply Crate of an Xbox console and games and shipped it out to Thomas, who can enjoy it in his off time.

Thank you so very much. After getting extended, this XBOX with the games is exactly what I needed to get through this deployment. Much appreciated. This is going to bring me and the 7 guys in the shop so R&R that is needed to just game when we have so down time (when ever that comes) to get through so of the tough spots. I know that I will be using it to its full potential. Thank you again Stack-Up!!!!

An extension? Those are the worst. Hopefully, Thomas and his shop get plenty of gaming in together when they can. We know how rough those long days at sea can get.

ADurableLlama sponsored Thomas' Supply Crate. You can find his page here. Be sure to let him know how you found out about him.

Yes, we are just $30k away from meeting our year-long goal for the Call to Arms. If we raise just a little over $1100 a day, we can continue to meet the needs of our programming to raise morale and benefit the mental health of Veterans and Military personnel.

Hit the button below to start a fundraiser or donate. Every dollar matters.

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