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Supply Crate – Teresa

Today's Supply Crate recipient reached out to us in the spring about our Supply Crates program because she has been dealing with PTSD and hasn't been able to find an outlet that works for her. She heard gaming might work, so she sent in a request.

I did convoys, eod, in Afghanistan with my unit and came back 100% disabled with PTSD, have anger and anxiety and depression issues. We trained the Afghanis. I have been having a rough time lately. This would be great for my mental health and give me something else to focus on.

While gaming might not be for everyone, it never hurts to try. There are all kinds of methods for coping with mental health disorders such as PTSD. We just so happen to believe in gaming.

Theresa kept her reply simple with photos. As you can see, we sent her a brand-spanking new PS5.

DreamWarrior, who has been a fantastic supporter of ours, sponsored Teresa's, Supply Crate. He's a really great streamer that we think you should check out on his channel.

Ready to answer the Call to Arms? You can sponsor a crate of your own by raising $1000. Think you and your community can do it? Hit the button below and sign up to get started.

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