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Supply Crate – Tameeka

Welcome to our next Supply Crate update. If you're ever wondering why you should donate to Stack Up, this is one of many reasons. Our Supply Crates program allows us to send consoles and games to Vets and Active-duty military members around the world. In today's Supply Crate update, Tameeka requested a gaming care package because she needed to focus her spending outside of luxuries like a gaming system:

My name is Tameeka. I am veteran who served in the Navy for 8 1/2 years and ended my service as an e6. I separated from the military a year ago and have been slowly adjusting to civilian life over time. I’ve always loved video games even as a kid and playing games has been a good coping mechanism and way to release stress for me from time to time.
It would be amazing to have my own gaming system, allowing myself to be able to play whenever I want/need to. I currently play with friends whenever I have time. Since separating I’ve had to focus on other things and expenses and haven’t had the luxury to spend the money necessary on getting a gaming system.
If supply crate was able to supply me with one it would truly be life changing.

This is exactly why we are here, or at least one of the many reasons. To help Vets who may be tightening their wallets post-service enjoy more gaming.

thank you very much!

Get gaming, Tameeka! We hope she has plenty of fun with friends.

Bridget Case sponsored Tameeka's Supply Crate. Thanks for fundraising in the Call to Arms and supporting Stack Up. If you are unfamiliar with her, Bridget Case is an accomplished Sports Journalist who creates, produces, and hosts content across many platforms regarding sports and sometimes just having fun. If you're looking for some sports content, she has a Twitch channel.

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