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Supply Crate – Steven

More Supply Crate updates are always coming your way. Today we want you to think about something cool you saw recently. Keep that in mind whenever you are feeling down. You could always see more things like that if you continue moving forward. One step at a time.

Steven's friend requested this Supply Crate for him as he is struggling. As his friend told us in his request:

I'd like to help out another soldier. The guy give his best day in and day out. The guy has had it rough divorce and separation from his child. But he still give his soldiers his all. Paperwork got messed up and now he is only getting paid a little less the 250 a month for a few months and that isn't even going to pay his bills and he already lost his house because of it. Here a few days he is getting surgery on his knee. And will be out of work for a while with everything going on I think it will help him stay strong and keep his mind off the stress he is projected not to be completely good with is knee for a year to a year and a half

We like seeing this kind of care and recognition of other Military members and Veterans. Good looking out. Nominate your fellow service members if you think they could use some games or a console with games, folks!

We received pictures and no extra words with them, but we're glad to have at least seen that the crate made it to its recipient.

RealAmanda sponsored this Supply Crate. She's a total gem of a streamer, so if you ever have the time to check her out, be sure to do so!

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