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Supply Crate – Steven

Today's Supply Crate update is a good one and comes from a Veteran who has been gracing our timeline with his amazing spirit. Steven is an Army Veteran who was battling cancer at the time of his Supply Crate request.

Well where to start. I am a 7 year Army Veteran who is currently battling cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 2 pmbcl non Hodgkin’s lymphoma in April. Have been out of work since then and just finished with 5 months of chemo to find out it failed to kill the cancer. Waiting on the va to place me to see a bone marrow transplant team. Gaming has always been a part of my life but it has been a huge part of keeping my sanity through this year.

The great thing about gaming is that it doesn't take much energy to participate in, which is great when dealing with health issues. It's also a great distraction to get the mind off of the things we sometimes need to get away from.

Thank you all so much! I have had an extremely hard year fighting cancer and still have a long journey ahead. My chemo failed and the cancer is still fully active. I have been playing video games and streaming as a outlet. This supply crate means the world to me more than I will ever be able to express. This definitely made my Christmas season that much better. Thank you all

You'll be glad to know that Steven is now in full remission. We've been seeing his posts on our Twitter timeline, and we're glad to see him doing well, and we hope he continues his recovery. He also streams for anyone looking for more Veterans to watch and follow. Cheers and good wishes to your health, Steven.

Cahlaflour, long-time supporter extraordinaire of Stack Up and a truly fantastic content creator, sponsored Steven's Supply Crate. We hope you'll check out her Twitch channel. Thank you, once again, to Cahlaflour and your community for all you've done. Hit the tag with her name on it below to see more Cahlaflour-sponsored Supply Crates.

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