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Supply Crate – Stephanie

We hope your weekends went well out there. Today's Supply Crate update comes from Stephanie, an Army Veteran looking for an outlet. Read her request below:

I am an Army veteran that served almost 9 years. I served as a medic and did two deployments to Iraq. I was attached to 1/68 Infantry during my second deployment and was also involved in the Battle of Sadr City. I came home from that deployment with my combat medical badge. I am now the first woman in my Native American tribe to been awarded a combat signifier. I was put on a banner in the American Indian Smithsonian Museum for this. I was medically retired in 2010 and have still been struggling to adjust at times. I have constant pain and nerve damage that makes it hard to enjoy activities that I used to enjoy. I am trying to find new ways to find an outlet to help with activities but not as painful. Thank you for taking the time for this and for what you do.

We love hearing about the interesting things folks have done while in service in these requests. This month is also Native American Heritage Month if you are not aware. Many Native Americans are also Veterans and are currently serving. For more about Native Americans in the military, read this Smithsonian Magazine article.

Gaming is definitely a great way to have some fun without too much activities that can bother you physically. So of course, we sent out a crate to Stephanie.

This is our favorite picture.

I received my crate today and I have to say that I am so excited and thankful for everything! I am so appreciative of you all! This is going to help me while at home, at appointments, and on the road. It’s also going to help me in having fun with my family. I will be able to use it at home to help me from sliding into a dark place and it will give me something to focus on and work my brain. It’s going to help on the road and at appointments because it will help me focus on it and not the anxiety I have. It will help keep my mind from having negative or unwanted thoughts. I am excited to play around my family because I feel I have a little more that I can talk with them about. I cannot thank you enough for the crate and can’t wait to jump in! I appreciate you!

Thanks Stephanie for reaching out! Enjoy the games and if you're ever interested in sharing your animal crossing code with some other Veterans, hit our discord. Karmakut sponsored this crate, and we hope you'll check Karmakut's Youtube out after having read this and thank him and his community.

Have a great day everyone, and think about pressing the big red button for more Stack Up.

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