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Supply Crate – Shawn

It is a photograph of Shawn in his Marines dress uniform. His expression is very serious. The uniform consists of a white cover with a black visor, his uniform top is a black button up with gold buttons and red accents.
Instead of "Say cheese" military photographers tell you to think about boot camp.

May is Military Appreciation and Mental Health Awareness Month and as such, Stack Up's mission of supporting military and veteran mental health through gaming is front and center. If you are reading this Supply Crate update, thank you for dropping in and taking the time to read them. This crate went out to Shawn, a Marine veteran. Shawn gave us a rundown of what he has going on in his request:

Good Day! My Name is Shawn T. McWilliams I am writing to you guys to ask for your support for me and my brother who is also a former Marine as well as myself. We both live in different states and its hard to keep up with each other to make sure we are both doing OK. He and I both suffer from PTSD and he is in Chicago, taking care of my Dad who is a Vietnam veteran who has PTSD himself. I live in Colorado. So us both having gaming systems will allow me to see and chat and talk to my Dad and my brother. We lost my Mom my Dad's wife on Nov 3rd 2015, a day after my Dad's birthday. It has been hard for all of us to recover from this and just see the light on the other end of the tunnel. My brother was a 13 year Marine Veteran. We both enjoy playing video games but don't have the means or funds to buy a gaming system so that him and I can talk and chat daily and play games daily to help lift both of our spiritss. Anything you guys can do to help support us that would be amazing for my family. I wanted to say "Thank You," whether we get picked or not. Thank you for everything you are doing for veterans and their families.

Great looking guys. Like Dad's beard.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And this picture is worth a million more. Thanks, Shawn for reaching out to us for a Supply Crate.

DanExert was the sponsor of this crate, raising funds during the 2020 Call to Arms event. Thanks to Content Creators like him and all of you awesome donors out there, we got a PlayStation 4 out to Shawn.

We always have more of these updates coming. If you would like to make sure we can keep these going out, the easiest way to do that would be to answer the Call to Arms. However, if you are not a streamer or would like to get into helping Stack Up in some other way, push that big red button below and explore our many other volunteer opportunities.

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