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Supply Crate – Scott

Army Veteran Scott has been trying to put himself out there and get to know some people but has some anxiety about that. He hasn't had a game console in a while and wanted one to help him get back into it, connect with others, and give himself something to escape from all the world's mess.

I have alot of anxiety and really don't work well with others. I just have my wife and me, she takes good care of me. Lately I have been getting out and trying to meet people. I have joined a veteran group from the VA, so there is that. I really would like to get back to gaming. It really would help in reducing my bad thoughts, and just enjoy and escape into a game, to take time out from this crazy world we live in today.

Joining a Veteran group can be a big help for our Veterans looking to connect with others. It also helps to have hobbies that can be shared with others. Gaming, in particular, is great for making new friends and connecting from the safety of home. Hopefully, with a new game console, Scott can join up with some Veteran gaming groups and make some friends.

I can't stress it enough, how blessed I feel. I want to thank you for it all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

Thank you, Scott. We hope you enjoy the game console as much as you can!

Branapiranha sponsored Scott's Supply Crate. Branhapiranha streams ToonTown Online regularly on her channel. That's a bit of a rarity and if you'd like to check her channel out, she streams on Twitch.

Answering the Call to Arms by donating or fundraising for Stack Up allows us to keep our programs supporting Veterans and Active Military mental health through the power of gaming active. We need every dollar we can get. Hit the button below to answer the call.

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