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Supply Crate – Sarah

Hey there. As part of our effort to keep you motivated, here's some great news: You've made it halfway through the week. You're doing great. Even if you're only doing the minimum, each day you wake up and breathe is meaningful.

If you're not feeling those words, though, know we are always here to support you through our StOP team. Don't be afraid to reach out.

With that said, we introduce our Supply Crate recipients, a group of sailors who were nominated by Sarah, who thought the younger troops would benefit from a Supply Crate.

I, myself, have deployed many times prior to this one as well as a handful of my fellow troops, but the rest are very young and this is their first deployment. They are unsure of how things go and that there are organizations like yours that exist and do care and appreciate our troops. I believe our young troops would benefit and greatly appreciate knowing the support of organizations and would make their 1st deployment go by a lot smoother. I know some are unsure of what to do during their down time and/or did not realize that they could have brought games and what not with them. I want to help uplift my junior troops as much as possible and ensure that they are able to decompress and relax during their down time as much as possible and be able to interact with fellow troops/friends that are out at other sites and can't see or talk to on a daily basis.

First-time deployments can be daunting for anyone who has never experienced it. We're glad to help out by shipping a Supply Crate to these young men and women who will be experiencing their first time carrying out the military's mission of readiness.

Thank you so much. We received the package from yall. Our younger troops had just finished remodeling our new MWR building where we placed all of the items.

Hopefully, everyone has a great time with the games! Hooyah! Our thanks to Brhino4vets, a member of our Stream Team who always brings his best effort to his fundraisers for Stack Up. Go check him out.

Why do we include a red button in every Supply Crate post? To tempt you into joining our mission.

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