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Supply Crate – Roberto

Today's Supply Crate update came from Roberto, whose friend, Carlos, nominated him for a Supply Crate:

It's for a good battle of mine SGT Roberto prior service US Army who loves gaming and a couple years ago was doing content creation for THoG Empire which was a clan that helped veterans like us be able to transition back to civilian life through gaming. These past couple of years have been hard for him going through personal issues in his life that ended up costing everything he loved doing . He had to sell everything he had just to be able to provide for his family, working countless hours doing it all on his own. Past couple months I've had to be there with him over the phone while he gone through times where he has been battling his demons. I spoke with him today and it broke my heart when he told me he misses the old days where he was able to game with his brothers and have good time through gaming. If you could please help out that would be awesome.

Sounds like Roberto has been through a tough time. It sucks that Veterans like Roberto end up having to give up something they love and enjoy to make ends meet, but that's why our Supply Crate program is here. To provide game consoles and games to our Vets and Active troops who are having trouble accessing the means to get a console and games.

Thank you guys so much for all that you do!! I appreciate to be given the opportunity to be able to connect with my kids and community through gaming. 🫡

Get back in the game, Roberto.

Brando_PC sponsored Roberto's Supply Crate thanks to his efforts in fundraising and community contributions. Thanks to Brando_PC for fundraising and to Brando_PC's community for being awesome human beings. Brando_PC can be watched on Twitch.

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