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Supply Crate – Richard

The great thing about video games is that when you play multiplayer, you can play with just about anyone located anywhere in the world. Richard here is a Veteran who enjoyed doing events to hang out with other people but lost a lot of that ability to connect with others as people became isolated during COVID.

I am an early post 9/11 veteran that served un direct combat operations. I was fortunate to come home and re-start my life once I left active duty. I spent my time post military getting my college degree and working many different jobs. I eventually found more stability in giving back to others more than anything else. I joined wounded warrior project and have been part of a group that host events in my local community on the regular. During COVID it became harder to do these event and I actually became internalized due to lack of connection with my fellow veterans. I have been getting more into gaming, however I barrow games and systems from friends or check them out from the library. I more recently heard of this program to help engage veterans through gaming.

In our opinion, every Veteran who wants a console for gaming should get one. We're doing our best to fulfill the needs of our fellow Vets and deployed troops. Richard is no different.

Thank you Stack Up

You're welcome, Richard.

Samjamfx sponsored Richard's Supply Crate. Samjamfx is a former Influencer Relations Team member who has helped Stack Up in the process of recruiting other streamers like herself to fundraise! You can see Samjamfx in all of her streaming joy on her Twitch channel.

Hit the button below to fundraise so that Stack Up can send more Supply Crates to Veterans like Richard. We're only able to go as far as we fundraise!

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