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Supply Crate – Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center

If you regularly read our Supply Crate updates, you may remember one we sent out to the Kansas City VA Medical Center Fisher House. This is another Supply Crate we sent out for use by those families of Veterans and Veterans using the Fisher House Foundation to be near their family members while they are receiving medical treatments.

You can read more about the Fisher House Foundation on their website. We are excited to work with them and hope to do more for the folks who have to use their services in the future.

As you can see, we received plenty of photos from the folks over at the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center. There's also a great video they put together on Facebook back in December went they received the Supply Crate. Be sure to drop it a like and share.

Thank you so much again for your generous donation to the Albuquerque Fisher House. We’ve had more younger veterans and service members coming to stay at our house and I know this will be a welcome addition. We put together a Facebook post that you can share. (20+) Facebook I’ve also attached the photos for you to use. Thank you for your service to our nation’s heroes.

Thanks to our contacts over at the Fisher House Foundation for the opportunity to help out our Veterans, especially at a point in their lives when gaming could make a difference.

A thank you also goes to the sponsor of this Supply Crate, TheOrigamiGuru. Thank you for answering the Call to Arms and being a special part of our mission.

Want to support Stack Up through volunteering? Hit the button below to find out what more you can do to serve our Veterans.

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