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Supply Crate – Kansas City VA Medical Center

It's Friday, so we're going to keep this Supply Crate update short. Despite the shortness, it's important because this request came from the Fisher House Foundation. What is the Fisher House Foundation?

The Fisher House Foundation provides comfort homes for Military and Veteran families to stay in free of charge while a loved one is in the hospital. Their programs have benefitted 100s of 1000s of families, saving them money and helping them be by their loved ones' sides while they're hospitalized and receiving treatment.

Fisher House requested a few Supply Crates as they wanted to provide something fun to do at their locations for the families staying in their facilities. As Dave told us in his note:

This Supply crate is being shipped to the Kansas City VA Medical Center in association with Fisher House. Stack Up was contacted by a Fisher House representative a month or two prior to this shipment as they were looking for more ways to support the folks coming through their facilities. This Supply Crate will benefit active duty and veteran families for years to come.
- Dave

We were very happy to provide consoles as they will serve many Military and Veteran families who are staying in their facilities, especially as they may be going through a difficult time.

SirLarr sponsored this Supply Crate to the Fisher House Foundation. Thank you, Sir Larr, for your fundraising efforts.

While streaming is one way to help Stack Up, we have many other opportunities to be part of our mission of supporting Military and Veteran mental health through gaming. Click that red button below to check them out.

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