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Supply Crate – Raymond

Well it's been a little while since we've come by with a Supply Crate Update, hasnt' it? While we send 12 Supply Crates out a month, often, we have to wait for recipients to get back to us with replies and pictures to share with us. This will be the last Supply Crate Update you all will read until someone sends us a reply and some pictures. Maybe, if we are lucky, someone will send something in the next week.

This Supply Crate went out to Raymond, an Army Veteran who served overseas and wanted a game console for himself and his two sons. Here's his request:

We've been stuck inside since the Corona and when I was a kid I remember playing Command and Conquer with my old man and Tekken on the original playstation and hell I even remember the blood code to the old Sega Mortal Kombat. I have 2 kids, boys! One we are trying to get into school but wow potty training with him is difficult he's 4. the other is 8 he does online class right now probably until next year and hopefully we send him back to school. I did the Iraq thing back in 2007-2008 15 months during the surge. I am 100% P&T through the VA. I feel like a computer or gaming console would help because it'd give myself and my kids something for us to do together like when I was a kid.
I served in the 10th Mountain Division as well as the 172nd Infantry in NH. did Iraq with 10th Mountain during the surge and Romania with the Guard training nato forces going to Afghanistan back around the time of the Haiti earthquake. I got out completely in 2012 after my first son was born and spent many years in my basement and pacing my house. I have found paintball and moved to Florida to try to live healthier and it has helped but I feel a gaming console or computer to game on would change my life and give me something that I could enjoy with my two sons as neither one of em are into the paintball thing and to be honest the paintball thing is just for me to get out and it's hard for me to even do that and I have to get a ride because I can't drive I have a hard time with people near me on the road and I haven't driven on a highway in probably 8 years. as the years go it gets harder. I am lucky to have a supportive wife though who helps me and doesn't judge me and we have been together since before I deployed. She's my best friend.
Thank you for everything and listening to my story.

Video games are awesome for bonding with your kids. While we can't give Raymond's kids the original experience of Mortal Kombat on the Sega, we can give them a newer console. They might be a little too young for modern day Mortal Kombat, but that's really up to Raymond. Raymond received his Supply Crate and he and his wife sent the reply below:

From Raymond: Oh my god! THANK YOU!!! My wife took photos and sent me that email and I went to that individual's instagram and twitch and personally thanked him.
Thank you again!
From his wife: Attached are photos of my husband, Raymond Brown, with all his goodies!
This was such an unexpected surprise. Thank you again!
Happy Holidays!

We're a bit late, but Happy Holidays, Raymond and family! Raymond's Supply Crate was the 100th of our Hundred Heroes Supply Crates. With our Hundred Heroes program, we choose 100 veterans and military units to get Supply Crates out in December to close out our year in supplying these gaming care packages to our Veterans and Military service members who need them.

This Supply Crate update was brought to you by Zironicdk. Thanks Zironicdk for your participation in Call to Arms V.

If you are interested in volunteering for Stack Up or streaming and fundraising for us, you can hit the big red button below and you will land on our page of potential opportunities. Thanks for reading!

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