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Supply Crate – Quintin

Welcome to another supply crate mission report. We recently sent a crate to a disabled veteran named Quintin. When we read Quintin’s application message, we knew that we needed to help him. Check it out.

I am a disabled veteran of the United States Army. I spent 5 years as an infantryman in which time I did 1 deployment to Afghanistan. I was separated from the Army after I had a M249 backfire into my face leaving me with shrapnel to my face and eyes. Because of that I have diminished sight and still have gun powder in my face. I recently had to start going to the doctors again for a pretty severe case of PTSD. My only hobby is playing video games because it’s my release from life and its stress. I would just like to be considered for your next crate as it would bring me such joy in such a dark time of my life. Thank you for your time.

Consider yourself considered Quintin, help is on its way. We know how hard life can be, especially with the struggles of PTSD and we also know just how helpful games are. We are so happy that you contacted us and shared your story now standby for your delivery.

Thank you guys soooooo much!! I am super pumped to play and get some relaxation. You guys truly are life changing. I can not thank you all enough. 

We would like to thank TheLoyalPatriot for helping with this supply crate, you are a hero! If you would like to help out our beloved vets, then please submit an application for someone you know with the link below.

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