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Supply Crate – Quintel

It's always a great day when we get to see a nomination that tells us all about a Veteran making a positive impact in their community because we get to share all the amazing stuff that Veteran is doing with their Supply Crate sponsor. Quintel is a Veteran who has continued his service beyond the Military:

Quintel served as a Marine but continued to serve his community long after he has gotten out. That service mentality stuck with him as he has served his community, his church, his career and his family very honorably. He works nearly every Sunday volunteering at his church and every other week opening his home to a church group of 20-30 people to meet and work through their personal problems. He has always had a serving mentality for his career as he went from a personal trainer with Camp Gladiator to eventually becoming a Dallas Firefighter, recently graduating. He had a long journey to get to that point but graduated just a few months ago. After a 9 year struggle to have children Quintel and Nicole (his wife) recently fostered to adopt two children on short notice, only to have them taken away a few weeks later as the county had not done things properly. Last month they were placed with a 2 week old baby, finally having an opportunity to start their family. Quintel is an amazing person who has not only had a huge impact on me but his community as well. He loves to game but hasn’t really taken the time to do it or financially commit/invest in a system which is why I am nominating him. He is an amazing person who served as a Marine, and never lost his mindset to sacrifice for his family and those around him.

Quintel sounds like a brilliant person to be around. Despite the struggles he may have had, he's been a shining light to those around him, and we know that's certainly worthy of a gaming care package. Because while people like Quintel do good work around themselves, they often forget to take of their own mental health needs.

Received my Stack Up box!

We hope Quintel gets plenty of joy out of his new console!

SamjamFX, a former Influencer Relations Team member of Stack Up and all-around cool human being, sponsored Quintel's Supply Crate. She plays Dead by Daylight and cosplays on her channel. If you're really into horror-type games and cosplays, check her channel out.

May is Military Appreciation Month. You can show your support for the troops by fundraising or donating to Stack Up; a Veteran owned and run nonprofit helping Veterans. Hit the button below to answer the Call to Arms.

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