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Supply Crate – Quenton

Here's another Supply Crate update for you folks out there thinking of getting involved with Stack Up or donors looking to know who our Supply Crates get out to. Often, the Veterans we help are not going through a great time. Whether because of financial problems, family, military life, or mental health. We hope that with a gaming care package, Veterans and Active Duty service members everywhere will know there are folks out there that understand what they've been through and what they may currently be going through.

With that said, today's update includes a Veteran who is dealing with some heavy mental health and suicidal ideation. Please read his request below:

I am a veteran with PTSD. I have had 2 suicide attempts in the last year. Prior to my PS4 crapping out, I used it to kind of escape life for a little bit at a time. It would help take my mind off of everything going on and while playing stop the suicidal ideation. Finances have been pretty tight the last 3 or 4 years for me and I haven't had the funds to replace my PS4. It would be awesome to escape my thoughts for a little while again. I have 2 sons (12 and 2) and a wife who I do not want to leave behind because I took my life. Counselling and medicine have not really helped with the suicidal ideation so maybe if I can get back into gaming it will help.

The reason we started Stack Up is for Veterans like Quenton. Some of our Staff have been through much the same. PTSD can make it hard to readjust to life back home. There is just so much to do once that uniform is off, and trying to settle back into civilian life is often difficult. Many of us found that video games were a great way to escape our thoughts and figure out how to keep going. Sometimes winning a big boss battle or finding something cool in a video game is all you need to find inspiration to keep going.

Hopefully, the brand new PS4 we sent out to Quenton can help.

Holy cow yall hooked me up. I am beyond blessed to be selected for this and incredibly thankful for all that yall do. This is amazing.

Thanks, Quenton. Keep on trucking on, and if you ever find yourself in crisis, don't hesitate to reach out to our Stack Up Overwatch Program for help. We've always got your six.

xPoeticx sponsored Quenton's crate. It's been a joy to see her fundraise. You should check out her Twitch channel.

Do you have what it takes to contribute to Stack Up's mission of helping Veteran and Active Duty mental health through the power of gaming? Click the button below to learn more about how you can help today.

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