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Supply Crate – Phil

We all bore through the pandemic, and some of us even caught the Coronavirus. That also includes our Veterans and Active Duty Military members. In Phil's case, he, unfortunately, ended up with long-term effects:

Been on disability from Government contractor work for a year and a half from Covid Long Hauler, recently wife (and adult kids) left me and when they did, they took off with both of my PlayStation consoles and all games (including my GTA series which was a favorite). I’m currently playing smaller/lower quality games on a laptop due to this. Gaming a few hours a day has been a form of therapy for me, even though I don’t get in to the fast paced shooters.

Some of our own staff caught the virus themselves, and the fatigue lasted some weeks. One can hardly forget the feeling of barely being able to do anything, but thankfully, many video games don't take too much effort to enjoy.

USPS Came through EARLY!!! I received my Crate on Saturday morning! Spent the day setting it up and downloading updated OS and installing games. A local friend, who I had told about the program and the system that I got, dropped another game off to me that he no longer needed. Then, needless to say, I spent probably way too much time on it playing (disregarding my household chores that I need to get done), but it was such a great distraction for me and perfect timing. Due to the way the my symptoms flair up during weather fronts passing through, I was feeling very miserable the last few days. In the past months all I could really do is lay around in bed and ‘ride it out’, but this, as I said was able to distract me from the pain and other symptoms.
MANY MANY THANKS to CryptoWrench (and their community), and everyone at StackUp!!!
AKA – WileyHunter556

Glad we could help and glad to see you around when we do on our socials and community WileyHunter. :)

CryptoWrench was one of our biggest fundraisers and donors last year, and for that, we are very grateful. CryptoWrench not only sponsored multiple Supply Crates but will be sponsoring an Air Assault trip where we take a group of Veterans out to a weekend-all-expenses paid trip for some nerdy fun. Check out his Twitch channel.

Want to keep us supporting Veterans through gaming? Hit the button below to donate or fundraise. Answer the Call to Arms.

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