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Supply Crate – Paul

Hello, and welcome to our Supply Crate Updates. This is where we give you a rundown of one of our latest Supply Crate recipients and show some pictures they sent in after receiving it. Why do we do this?

Well, we like to show folks that there are real people our Supply Crates program benefits. The sponsors of these crates have usually seen all of the information we're sharing with you by now, and this is our way of maintaining transparency in what we do.

Paul requested this crate for his unit! Thanks Paul.

Today's crate update comes from a gaming care package received by Paul and his unit. Paul tells us that his unit is feeling rather down lately in his following request:

Our unit unfortunately has an empty mission set and has recently suffered numerous suicidal ideations. Soldiers feel as if they have nothing to do. I believe gaming would be a perfect outlet for Soldiers to release their stress.

We'll be honest, some of our staff have been in the military. One of the things that are, strangely enough, the most bothersome to have in the services is downtime. The hurry-up-an-wait moments are sometimes the hardest because service members begin thinking about all of the things they're missing and missing out on. Sometimes the only cure is to stay busy.

With that said, we sent a crate out to Paul and his unit. Hopefully, it helps out. He sent us plenty of pictures in reply but no text, which sometimes happens when we get responses for Supply Crates. As long as the unit is enjoying the games, we're happy.

Stack Up Rex's buddy Tattooed_Freak sponsored this Supply Crate. They're very good friends, as you can see from one of their exchanges below.

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