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Supply Crate – Paul

Paul requested a Supply Crate because his unit has been dealing with low morale and it has been deeply affecting their mental health. He hoped by hosting some gaming events, they could boost their morale.

I am requesting a supply crate for our unit due to the recent increase in suicidal ideations across our brigade. I am hopeful that having something like this and hosting gaming events for the soldiers will boost morale and in turn reduce those ideations across our unit.

Paul's endeavor is admirable and certainly, once we can get behind. We host mental health game nights in the Stack Up Discord to help our Veterans build up their morale and camaraderie with one another. We know the power of gaming in bringing people together in a fun and comforting way.

Photos attached. I was only able to get a handful of soldiers for the pictures, as most of our unit is out on mission currently.

That's quite alright, Paul. We know you folks out there are busy, we're just glad to know the gaming care package reached you safely.

Military Veteran Northwolf911 sponsored Paul's Supply Crate. Thanks to Northwolf911 and thanks to everyone who supported Northwolf911's fundraiser by donating. Northwolf 911 can be found on Twitch.

Support Veteran and Active Military mental health through the power of gaming! Hit the button below to navigate to Stack Up's DonorDrive page and sign up to fundraise or donate today.

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