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Supply Crate – Patrick

It's Wednesday, everyone, which means we are halfway through the week. It's also time for your Wednesday Supply Crate update. Let's get down to it.

Patrick requested a Supply Crate for his unit deployed overseas. Covid has kept them from the gyms and other communal areas to relax and rebuild morale. Patrick told us in his request:

4 solders stand holding rifles. Their faces are obscured by their uniform hats.
What's up, fellas?
My unit and I are providing force protection for a base. Due to the nature of the deployment and lack of reliable internet connection it has been difficult to stay occupied and motivated when not working. I feel having a video game system could help provide a "get away" from all the stresses of being away from family and friends. The COVID has also put a strain on everything closing down gyms and other communal areas to help pass the time.

3 soldiers sit on a couch. They are holding up PlayStation 4 games, and stack up t shirts.
That couch is ready for some games.

Well, we can't let you go on without a getaway. Hopefully, this Supply Crate gets these soldiers through the stresses of Covid.

A supply crate with a PlayStation 4 console, PlayStation accessories, games, and Stack Up t shirts. The thank you note is to Tattooed Freak.
Let's get this supply crate out!
Thank you so much for the care package. My soldiers and I are very excited and thankful for everything. I wish I could have gotten a picture with all my soldiers in it, but the others were working at other locations.
Thank you so much.

Well, once those soldiers get back, they will have a nice surprise waiting for them. Have fun gaming with that PlayStation, Patrick, and company.

This Supply Crate happened with the sponsorship of Tattooed_Freak. Thank you for your streams and the donors who contributed to your sponsorship.

Get involved by hitting the red button below. It will take you to the "How to Help" page, where you can learn all about our programs and how to get involved. Have a great day, everyone!

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