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Supply Crate – Oscar

With Christmas right around the corner, we're wishing you a happy day as we get into this Supply Crate update.

Oscar's wife sent in a request because she felt he is very deserving of a Supply Crate:

I believe my husband Oscar, is a great candidate for a crate because in spite of struggling with PTSD, depression and physical pain he has pushed forward to continue to succeed after serving in the Army eight years. He graduated from collage while working full time to provide for our family, even when his mental health was at its lowest, he always pushed through. He is not only a supportive partner but a present and loving father to our children, they are what keep him motivated and the reason he fights against falling into a deeper depression. To him, his family will always come first. I admire his ability to achieve the goals he sets out to but most of all, I admire that he was proactive and seeks help for his mental health because he wants to be a good example to our children. He is known for his generosity and ability to help his family and friends when they are in need, he is truly a selfless person who puts others first. Oscar, is still the person his fellow military brothers call when they need a listening ear, they know he will be there for them without judgment. I am not only thankful but proud to have him as a husband. While there are many other ways I can show him how special he is to us, I feel that receiving a gift like this is a great reminder that there are other people out there that care for our service members and support them through all of their struggles. This gift, would be a great pass time to decompress from the day to day routine.

Oscar sounds like a truly great guy. What better way can we recognize him than with a Supply Crate?

My nominee has received his supply crate. Again, thank you so much for choosing him and for this amazing program you guys are running. You’ve made a Veterans Day today.

Have fun, Oscar.

Prophet_FMJ sponsored Oscar's Supply Crate. Thanks to Prophet_FMJ and his community for their support! Check his channel out here.

Feeling generous this holiday? Donate towards our goal by hitting the button below and donating on our DonorDrive page.

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