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Supply Crate – Noe

Happy New Year! We hope this year allows us to continue our mission and expand. Until we see what the year brings, we'll continue pushing out Supply Crate updates in the meantime. Today's update comes from Noe, a Veteran working at the VA who requested a console for use with their programs.

Hello Team, I am first a combat Veteran and second an employee with the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Peer Specialist. I assist intense homeless population of Veterans who are dealing with the PTSD, substance disorder, mental health, and other factors that lead to them being homeless in the county of Los Angeles. I to identified with certain combat conditions have used gaming as a way to steer me away from risky behaviors. I want to start something within my department that allows these Veterans to connect with gaming and allow them to manage their mood and also take part of the comradery.

Ultimately, our mission is to connect Veterans through gaming. If others are attempting to do the same, we're willing to show them some support.

Hello Ian,
I wanted to share with you the photos I took for you to share with your team and donor. Please let me know how I may continue to support your great work. On behalf of myself I want to thank you and the donor for the continue work in changing the lives of us Veteran’s.

Thanks for the photos, Noe!

ScorchedLashes sponsored Noe's crate. Do us a favor after you read these Supply Crate updates and follow our sponsors on Twitch. Help us give back when we can!

2022 has ended. Which means our DonorDrive has restarted for 2023. New goal, new drive. If you plan to fundraise this year, don't hesitate to bookmark our DonorDrive page and be ready to sign up when you're ready to fundraise.

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