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Supply Crate – Modesto

It's Veterans Day! Starting at 12PM PST we'll be running Call to Arms LIVE on our Twitch channel. Last year nearly $70,000 was raised to support our programs serving Veterans through the power of gaming.

Before we get into the day's events, let's have a Supply Crate update. Today's update came from Modesto who requested a Supply Crate for his unit stationed overseas.

Marine Security Guards assigned to U.S. Embassy Mbabane, Kingdom of Eswatini. Detachment was activated in 2016.

Being deployed overseas can be daunting. Our servicemembers are far from their families and sometimes wherever they're stationed doesn't have much in the way of morale centers. Which is where we come in, delivering a Supply Crate aka, the ultimate care package.

Modesto received his Supply Crate and messaged us the following:

Thank you for the package!! This will positively impact the morale and wellness of the Detachment Mbabane! Up until today, they didn’t have a gaming console at the Marine Residence for all to share. Definitely a positive contribution for the Marine Security Guards.
We greatly appreciate the support from Stack Up!!
Very Respectfully,
Master Sergeant Modesto, USMC

We're glad to have helped! We hope our Marines over in Mbabane enjoy plenty of gaming together.

Today's update was sponsored by EdgarAlanBroLive who was last year's Call to Arms LIVE champion. Will he take the championship 3 years in a row? Or will he be usurped for the throne?

Find out on our Twitch Channel.

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