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Supply Crate – Michelle

Michelle put in an application for a Supply Crate because her son is moving, and she hopes to continue connecting with him through gaming.

I’m an Air Force security police/forces veteran and served 10.5 years. 9 years was active duty and I deployed once. During my deployment, I was assaulted by another veteran and later diagnosed with PTSD. I gained over 200 lbs, became very depressed and isolated, and have really struggled. I’ve now lost all that weight (went from 331 to 137lbs), don’t have diabetes anymore, and am more active.
I am married and I have a 25 year old son. My wife has a 29 year old daughter. My son is huge in to gaming and it was something we always did when he was little. Our favorite game to play together was Crash Bandicoot. Lol. Anyway, he plays on the computer and also has XBox and Switch. Connor is getting ready to move back to Michigan this summer so I won’t see him as often as I do now. I’m hoping by gaming we could have something that keeps us engaged and is fun. It also gives me something else to do that is fun.
I appreciate you listening and considering me.

There's nothing quite like gaming with family. It's nice to have a shared hobby with the people you care about. Michelle deserves a gaming care package for all she's been through and all she's trying to do to stay connected with her family.

Thank you so much for my Stack Up crate. I text my son and nephews right away and we are all excited to get connected on the Xbox Series X. I was not expecting that at all. I appreciate what you guys do. Thanks again.

You're welcome, Michelle! Have fun gaming.

Stack Up Stream Team member, former Influencer Relations Team member, and longtime Stack Up supporter, Jester1147 sponsored Michelle's Supply Crate. Thank you to Jester, and we hope you go far and beyond with your streaming and continue to build a strong community. If you like beardy Vets with a bit of GenX grump to them that play games like Foundry, Minecraft, and more, check out Jester's Twitch channel.

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