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Supply Crate – Michelle

Good day everyone, we're here with more Supply Crate updates. We've been getting more pictures back than we usually get so we have plenty more coming in the next few months. Today's Supply Crate update went to Michelle, who has been unable to find anything to do in her downtime as she tells us in her request:

My name is SSG Keltz. I am a single mom of my 9 year old son. We both have birthdays next month. He will be ten. My son and I love playing games together. That is our past time when we aren't outside or doing experiments. The amenities where I am are quickly disappearing. I do as much as I can with the USO, but they have had to slim down in a big way. Time flies when I play games but I don't have the ability to here. I am in charge of operations here and I definitely could use something to occupy my down time. There aren't a lot of options here.

It's definitely way past Christmas, but it's never too late for reindeer smiles.

We are still in a pandemic, unfortunately, that means military personnel are continuing to serve with restrictions as to where they can go and hang out. It has been very hard on our service members. We're happy to help however we can.

SSG Keltz and her unit sent us this reply after receiving their Supply Crate.

Hello Stack-Up and brhino4vets from Afghanistan!!!!
I would like to express great thanks for all you do for the troops and the hard work you do!! I requested my box and was happy to get whatever was sent my way. (I am the one in the front right of the picture!) Behold, I received one heck of a box! There are SO many days my soldiers and I have nothing to do after work. Training is done, missions are complete and at the end of the day after a while of being here for so long it's the same repetitive thing every day. Covid has everything shut down to a point there isn't even evidence of any extra hang outs or places to visit. I can link up with my son on weekends now and play against other soldiers in the platoon when we have off time. You ALL provide a great and wonderful service! I grew up on the old consoles like Nintendo and the Original Gameboy. It's amazing what they've done with gaming from then to now! People can link and play together from where we work to folks at home! So again, THANK YOU!!!!! From all of us!!

We hope everyone has fun with the console, and we're glad it helped connect people with their families. Thanks goes to Brhino4vets, who sponsored this crate and is also one of our Stack Up Overwatch Program volunteers!

Thinking about getting more involved with us after seeing this Supply Crate update? Not a content creator? We have plenty of volunteer opportunities out there for people to get involved with. Find out more by clicking on the button below.

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