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Supply Crate – Michael

Patricia submitted a Supply Crate request for her husband, Michael, a Navy Veteran with PTSD.

My Husband Michael served in the US Navy on board USS Leahy CG16. Although he was originally set to sign up for Seal training, something took place where he didn't get a chance, causing him to have PTS. He served in the Persian Gulf theater of operations and was awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. He is currently being seen at the VA Medical center for PTS, and had a stroke from PTS which has given him a Traumatic Brain Injury. He's a good Patriot, Husband and father of five, with one that served in the Army like myself. I nominate him because he's a very good man that deserves our love and support. Everyone has a story, although he prefers I didn't mention his. I nominate my husband because he's not only good to us but to everyone he's come across in his life, being selfless, and taking care of everyone on a whim whenever needed. I know getting a crate would benefit him by uplifting his spirit. Thank you, Patty

Well, it's a good thing we are here for morale boosts! Sounds like Michael could use a brand new Xbox Series X. Patty and Mike both sent us a reply. This is also probably the first time we've gotten a game clip back with a Supply Crate reply, and we appreciate it!

He received the package! Thank you so much! He loves it! - Patty
Having so much fun! Great controller fits hand very well with my surgery & the Xbox helps me with memory. There are times when I get anxious & just start playing which helps to relax me. Thank you again. - Mike

Enjoy, Michael. We hope it brings you joy anytime you need it.

PioneersGG sponsored Michael's Supply Crate through their fundraising efforts, raising $1k to sponsor this crate. PioneersGG is a gaming, lifestyle, media, and professional esports organization competing in games from Rocket League to Apex Legends, eNascar, iRacing, and dozens of other titles. Check them out on their website.

Are you ready to step up and make a Veteran's day with support through gaming? Hit the button below and get started fundraising. Or contribute to someone's DonorDrive goal.

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