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Supply Crate – Michael

Michael is in full army camo uniform. He has a piece of cake on a styrofoam plate in front of him. He looks like he's holding back a smile and like he took a bite of cake at the same time.
Michael, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Here we go with another Stack Up Supply Crate update. We got this crate out to Michael, a disabled veteran looking to get a VR system and an escape from some pain. As we know, video games are often a great way to do that. Michael reached out for a Supply Crate, and here's what he told us:

I am a 100 percent Disabled Veteran, I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder with Anxious Distress and Psychotic Features. I also suffer from severe left foot pain witch hinders me from walking more than 75 feet unassisted. I also do not drive anymore due to my mental conditions and severe pain. As a result of this I rarely leave the house except to go to my VA appointments and on rare occasions i might go to Walmart that is if there is an electric cart available if not I sit in the car until my wife is done shopping. Before my depression got really bad i used to be a huge gamer I would love to get back into gaming as it might help with my issues some but all i really have is my ps4 console and a broken controller (it got into a fight with a wall). So it would be so awesome if I could get some games and a couple of controllers so me and the wife can play zombies she loves zombies. also a VR system might be cool, I might be able to escape this reality for a while I would purchase them myself but on a limited income running a household isn't easy and there just isn't any room for anything else in the budget.

A selfie of Michael. He looks older.
VR system you say?

We're glad Michael reached out so we could get to work getting him some games. We like to think that games are also a really great way to get out of the house without really leaving the house. There are whole worlds and stories to explore. Plus, killing zombies is a whole lot of fun.

Michael's Stack Up Supply Crate is laid out on tiled floor. It includes a Playstation VR headset with the Skyrim video game, two playstation dual shock controllers, and 13 playstation games.
Well look at that, a Playstation VR system. Wishes do come true.

We hope this VR system helps Michael get up and running and back into being a huge gamer. Michael said about his Stack Up Supply Crate delivery:

Wow well what to say, well when I first saw the crate come off of the back of the mail man’s truck, I was like whoa its here. But then when I opened it in my room office, I said holy shit, I was in shock with all the games and the VR system and the controllers. I can’t express my gratitude enough to the donors that made this possible. I have been having daily VR sessions LOL. I have done something that I haven’t done in a long while and that is turn on my PS4 and play. Thank you so very much.

Michael sits with his Stack Up Supply Crate laid out on his tiled floor. He smiles as he holds a thumbs up on one hand and a Thank You message for "GeeksEh", the sponsor of his supply crate, in the other hand.
We're glad to get you smiling, Michael.

We dig the purple hair, Michael. Thanks for reaching out so that we could get you a Supply Crate. Have fun with that VR system.

This Supply Crate was sponsored by Canadian Twitch Streamer Geekseh. Thanks to him and people like him, we can keep getting crates like this out. Our sponsors and streamers are all over the world. That's pretty cool, eh?

No matter where you are in the world, there are many ways to support Stack Up. If you are interested in our Supply Crates program, hit the button below to go directly to our Supply Crates section. If you'd like to know more about opportunities to help, click the "How to Help" tab at the top of this page.

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