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Supply Crate – Maxwell

As an organization, many of our staff are Veterans who have been deployed or at sea and noticed how much gaming helped them get through rough times, which is why we care so much about the mission and spreading it to other servicemembers.

Once in a while, we get to do something cool and hand-deliver a crate to a Veteran in our orbit or who lives near one of our staff members. It's always great to get a chance to hand off consoles and PCs in person. Today's update comes from one such hand-delivery. Zach, our Overwatch Program manager, drove out to deliver a PS5 to Maxwell, who he knew could use a new console:

Maxwell is a good man who has struggled with his transition back to civilian life. He was an amazing marine and is a great father and husband. He deserves something to uplift his spirits as he has been struggling since the end of the Afghan conflict.

It's an exciting day when a servicemember gets that DD214. Unfortunately, Veterans are plopped right back into civilian life, and it can be quite the adjustment, especially when all someone knew for years was the military, their friends in the military, and day-to-day military routine. It helps to have a community behind you, whether that's friends, family, or even a gaming community. Which is why Zach figured a Supply Crate could help.

Dave left this note about the interaction between Zach and Maxwell:

This Supply Crate was delivered in person by Zach, our Overwatch Program Manager. We did not receive an email follow-up because everything was done in-person, but Zach told me that Maxwell was beside himself with excitement for the gear and even had to step away because he “got something in his eye.” The photos and video we received seem to tell the same story.

Zach was pretty excited to make the delivery, and it's always a good reminder to us why we do this when we get the opportunity to make a difference like this in person.

SimRanger sponsored Max's, Supply Crate. Be sure to check him out on twitch.

Want to help us get to make more deliveries like this in person? Donate or sponsor a Supply Crate by fundraising. Get started by hitting the button below.

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