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Supply Crate – Matthew

9 military soldiers sit on the back of a truck with their guns. They all do different poses as they get their picture taken.
That's quite a group of friends you've got there.

Good morning! We hope you had a great weekend. To get your week flowing, we've got your Stack Up Supply Crate update. The request came from Matthew, a deployed service member seeking a console and games to play with his friends on deployment. Matthew told us in his request:

Hello! We are a close group of friends on deployment with a tv and no game console. If we received one our moral in this sand pit would increase dramatically! Our group has been working 24 on 24 off 24 on 24 off they closed the px and the gym a month ago we are in need of some help. If we could get anything it would be appreciated even if its old or outdated. Thanks for everything you do this is an amazing program!

8 soldiers hold up various video games and Stack Up t-shirts. They are smiling.
We exchange games for smiles.

A TV with no game console? What are you going to do? Watch movies? Nah, we're going to fix that. With the pandemic happening, we know it has become quite difficult out there to have a good time with your friends, but thankfully, video games exist.

Your amazing care package was received. We are already putting it to good use and boosting morale amongst the soldiers. We are very very grateful for the package and everything you guys do! Let us know if there's anything we can do for you. Also we will be donating and telling our friends and family to donate to stack up.
Thanks for making our deployment!

A supply crate of xbox games, stack up t shirts, xbox controller and xbox one s.

What you can do for us is play those games and have a good time. Thank you for donating, Matthew and friends.

We rolled this Supply Crate out to this great group of friends with MissAyalah's charity drive's contributions. Thank you for your part in getting these folks some games to enjoy together.

Unfamiliar with Stack Up? Want to learn more about our programs and how to help? Click that big red button below to sign up or learn more.

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