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Supply Crate – Matt

We don't just send Supply Crates to the Army. Here at Stack Up, we want to reach all branches located around the world and set service members up with consoles and games to enjoy in their off time. In today's update, Matt is a Navy Seabee, the guys who break ground in combat zones to construct whatever the Military needs to meet its mission.

We are the Navy Seabees with [redacted]. Currently deployed attached to [redacted] task force. We are currently deployed overseas doing different projects for different task forces to help with their training over here. Through this , it maintains their readiness and abilities to complete missions they go out on. We work hard 6 sometimes 7 days a week to get these tasks completed to be able to move forward with the next one. We work hard even in the heat 10-12 hrs a day. Receiving one of these supply crates would not only boost the morale of our group but also help us relax on our time off. Gaming is a relief especially after the long work days.

Long work weeks with long work hours deserve something nice after working so hard. Even better if the after-work activity doesn't require that much physical activity. Thankfully, gaming has options for that.

We received the crate and we would like to send our appreciation for this. This is a huge morale boost for everyone. We are able to take our minds off the missions here and just have fun . Being able to have something to change the mindset from having an outlet like this gaming system eases everyone and gets them into a relaxing state of mind. Once again this stack up crate was very much appreciated.

Thanks for responding, Matt, and we're glad we could help in some small part.

JustSpike sponsored Matt's Supply Crate. JustSpike is a pretty awesome guy and Audio Engineer who streams on Twitch. Check out his channel.

It's Mental Health Awareness Month, but we think we're already pretty aware, and you must be too, if you're here. Let's back that awareness up with action. Donate or fundraise to support us in our actions to help Veterans through the power of gaming.

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